Back online

At last we are back online. Sorry about last couple of days. Our e-mail addresses has been also unreachable for few days so please resend your mail now if last attempt gave an error message

Changing the host

We are moving our homepage to another web host. There might be some problems reach our page during the operation. Sorry about that.

The tour

The last two weeks have been an amazing time! The best in our lives! Thanks for that goes to Soen, the crew and everyone who has been involved in the tour.
Now we're planning new things to do and we'll let you know about details quite soon.

New single and video. A tour begins

We are happy to announce that todey we released a new single and a video. The song is called Inner Soldier. Check it out and let us know if you like it.
Today is also the day we begin our trip through Scandinavia. We'll play seven gigs with Soen. THe first show is at Sunday 17th March. Follow us in Instagram. We'll post there something every day during next two weeks.

Merchandise added in Bandcamp

New T-shirts and tote bags added in our Bandcamp page. There's three different art in the shirts. The World is Filled With Silence, Nevertheless and Naryan logo.


We have now also a video for our newest song Nevetheless . Check it out below or go to our YouTube page. Video by Aarni Visuals and logo pendant by Kipene Jewelry

And if you'd like, share your toughts about the video and song.

Naryan and Soen

We're beyond excited to finally announce that Naryan is going on tour with mighty Soen! Grab your tickets now as they're selling fast!

Year 2024 is BIG

We are very happy to say that year 2024 will be very big year to Naryan. We have already added some gigs in the calendar. And more will be added very soon. And not only gigs. We'll soon release a new song with video. And there will be even more exciting news very very soon.


Naryan released a new song. It's cover of a Mike Oldfield classic ”Nuclear”. It can be found in most digital streaming services and video is available in YouTube!


Naryan is now also in Tiktok. Go check it out!

Cradle video

We shooted some video at Seinäjoki's Old Theater. The song will be on our next album. Hope you like. Check the video on YouTube.

A Place Where Even Angels Lose Faith

Our new digital single can be found in streaming services and digital platforms.

New song coming!!!

Our new song 'A Place Where Even Angels Lose Faith' will be released this Friday.

Management deal

We’re excited to start the cooperation with The Metallist PR. Now we’ll be able to focus more on the music and let someone else to take care of the promotion. Of course, we have new songs that we are planning to release soon. There will be something familiar and something new to look forward to. Stay tuned!


The Withering is back. It can be found in Spotify, Tidal etc. Two singles are still missing, but hopefully we get also them back online soon..

Missing songs

Some of our latest releases have disappeared from Spotify, Tidal and other digital platforms. We are really sorry about this. Songs should be back online 21.4.2023.

About PGR

”Today our more than five-years journey with Progressive Gears comes to an end. Naryan wants to thank Eugene for all the contribution and help he has done for our band! We wish him all the best for the future! Thank you!

Naryan wishes everyone a happy new year 2023!

We are back in the studio with the intention to release a couple of new songs in the near future. We also plan to do some live gigs. The most exiting news is that we have new members in our band. We will tell you more about them when we get new pictures taken..


History is out now. Find it in most streamig services or our Youtube-channel.


A new song, History, will be released tomorrow. The song was originally written for The Withering album, but it was left out nonetheless. Now we decided to finish the song and release it because it fits this world's situation. The song can be found on Bandcamp and all streaming services.

The Withering album is one year old today!

Here’s a little story behind the song The World Is Filled With Silence. I recorded the very first idea to my phone with guitar at the end of 2014. The song was forgotten for few years, but with Eve we started to work also with this one at 2016 when we started to compose the new album. We started with guitar and flute but the song grew and grew and at some point we decided to ask for a choir to join the song. We were lucky to get singers from The Tampere Opera Choir. But we also needed various other instruments to complete the song and the latest recording was made spring 2020 from Hungary with remote access due to the existing state of the world. This song required a lot of work, some special arrangements and we faced several challenges during the process, but we made it and the outcome is great! 25 people took part in the process and without them the song wouldn’t come true. Thanks for all the musicians, singers, recorders and others who assisted in the process. Specially I would like to thank Eve, with who I spent hours, days and years composing, and to Mikko, with who I spend days in the studio figuring out how all this material would be combined as one song. -Lauri, Naryan

The Withering

Today is the day! Our new album The Withering is out now! We also added a new video. Check it out!

First review

The Withering will be out next friday but we already have the first review of the album. Go check it out on Progplanet of House of Prog.

The Withering

Naryan will release its third album The Withering December 11, 2020!!! Those who pre-order will get their copies a week earlier at December 4, 2020.
Pre-order here or contact the band directly. Digital release can be bought from Bandcamp.
We also have a small amount of tote bags. It’s also cheaper if bought together with cd. But be quick while we still have them.
Buy for yourself or as a Christmas gift and support the band!
Thank you - NARYAN

Unfortunate cancelling

We are sorry to inform that due to quarantine we must cancel our gig at Laikunlava 11.8.2020.

Black Swan

New song called Black Swan is now out. It can be found in most of the digital services.

New song!!!

Naryan releases new digital single in October 18th. We are celebrating the release with the gig at Bar Nostalgia (Seinäjoki). Welcome to listen how our songs (both the new and the older ones) sound like.

Naryan on Tour

Tomorrom morning. Very very early in the morning we'll begin our trip to Netherlands and Belgium. Follow our trip in Twitter (and perhaps something in Instagram also). #naryanontheroad

Tour dates added

We've now added two dates in Europe. We'll be playing with our two other PGR bands, IT and Burntfield. We are so excited to tour with them!

Lots of news!

We know, we've been a bit unactive lately. But hey, now we're seriously back in business! We've been recording a new album, which will be out this year. And we have some gigs scheduled. And there will be also couple of shows also outside of Finland.

Out now!

Our new digital single Until We Meet Again is now available in Spotify and most of the digital music shops (like Amazon, BandCamp, Groove etc.). Enjoy!

Great news

We are happy to announce that we have signed a contract with Progressive Gears Records (PGR) from Ireland. From now on PGR will be the one that distributes our albums in Europe (excluding Finland). Our albums can be found on PGR net store We are also working on a new album which will be also published by PGR.

We also have some new photos.

Some updates

We decided to remove the old 'have your say' shoutbox from here. We also enlargened the video player below. There will be some more minor changes in the near future. And we will update our 'band' tab also with our new line up soon...


Naryan wishes everyone happy new year 2017! This year is going to be very interesting to us including composing new material and some changes in our line up. More info on those later!

Sad to Listen

Here it is. One era in one video. The next chapter will be written with more positive feelings. It doesn’t mean that the upcoming songs/albums are going to be any happier, on the contrary. Have a nice fall and stay tuned!

Lyrics added

Lyrics to all songs from album Black Letters could now be found from the discography page.

New members

New line-up is now confirmed. Now we have Paul Rytkönen on drums and Enni Yli-Vainio on piano.

New video!

The new album is out and now also the Black Letters music video is here. Check it out below.

Some updates

Some minor updates have been made here: History section is shortly completed, a clip from our new album is added to player and some profile information updated. Soon there will be also a NEW VIDEO! Stay tuned.

The second album

Now we can finally announce that our second album is completed! It will be released in January so stay tuned at the beginning year 2016!

Plans for year 2015

Hi everyone. We have been quite busy recording and there haven't been updates lately. Sorry about that. Here's something for you to look forward to: During this very year we will publish a new album, a new single, a new music video, new pictures and so on. And of course there will be some spectacular live shows. Be patient and wait for further info. - Naryan

Vote Naryan to play in Sweden rock 2015

Naryan is one of the 150 that has gone to the first voting round in Sweden rock band competition 2015.
Vote us here

This voting will be up untill January 11 and then the 25 bands with most votes will go to the final voting round. The top 3 voted bands will win a gig at Sweden Rock 2015.

One vote per IP-address / per day. So we suggest you to vote us once a day and from any available computer, phone or other device.


Naryan starts making a new album just about now. The album is due in 2015. Along the way, we will release videos, teasers and previews of some songs. Exact release date will be confirmed later.

My End Leaf

Naryan – My End Leaf video can now be found at the public voting competition of the Oulu Music Video Festival (contestant number 269). Please vote for the video at (The video can be found under the letter N). It’ll only take a few seconds. All voters receive a free issue of the Soundi magazine. Thank you!

Summer news

Next tuesday Naryan will play live at Laikunlava, Tampere. It's the first one with full new line-up. Check out the band and media sections to some new photos. The new line-up is: Ville-vocals, Lauri-guitar, Raino-guitar, Eve-bass&flute, Nona-violin, Tuomas-keyboard, Klas-drums&percussion.

New video

My End Leaf song and video will be out 30th May 2014.


Our bassist Eve has started writing a blog about Naryan in From there you can keep track of the bands moments in the studio, and other topical issues. There are also some stories from the older episodes. Blog is only in finnish. Go check it out!

Some news

Naryan has been laying low for some time now, making some new songs and some changes to the line-up. The new members and tour dates will be published soon. So stay tuned!

Vote us

Naryan needs your support! Go vote Naryan's album to compete for the debut-Emma 2013. All you need to do is to go through this link, select 'äänestä' (vote) and fill in the required fields.

Thank you for your support.

The Emma-gaala is an annual Finnish music gala awarding the most distinguished artists and music professionals.

Naryan digital

The new album is now available also in digital distribution. The full album is now in Spotify. You can also find Naryan in iTunes, Nokia Music Store, Amazon, Deezer,, Rhapsody and Napster (only to name a few).

And naturally, the CD is still available in Levykauppa Äx.

Summer news

The new album is now available. Buy it from Naryan members or from Levykauppa Äx.

Naryan has begun a cooperation with Pahalampi roller hockey team. In Pahalampi games, you'll hear our new song 'Until the End'.

Some new gigs will be added soon.

Album is ready

The long project is over at last. The first full length Naryan album is finally ready. As said before, we will play the whole album live on 18th May. At TTT-klubi you are able to buy the album, new limited edition single 'Until the End' or other merchandise.

Doors will open at 9pm. Rain Diary plays at 10pm and Naryan at 11pm. Please remember that only cash is accepted at the door.

Special album release party @ TTT-klubi

We are more than happy to announce the date for our album release party. Naryan will play the whole new album live at TTT-klubi, Tampere on 18th May.

Details will be added later.

Updates upcoming

Some new stuff will be added here during next month. Visit here often to stay up to date.

All songs recorded

All the recordings to our album are ready. But be patient still. There is a lot to do. Mixing, mastering etc. Just now we can say that the album is coming out within three months. The date will become more accurate soon and there will be other updates on our page also. So visit here often to get the latest info.

New song

We have just posted a song from our upcoming record. You can find it on our YouTube channel or here at the bottom of our front page.

Naryan live

As you all know we've been making an album and that's why there hasn't been any gigs for awhile. But we're going to make an exception and play just one more gig this year. There's also going to be some brand new material you've never heard so we recommend you'll be there!

News from the studio

We are almost in the half of the way recording our first full album. All the drums are done. Most of the basses are also recorded. If everything goes as planned, album should be out in the late Autumn.

Year 2012 begins

Naryan would like to thank everyone for the year 2011. It was great year for us. We released our first single and visited many great stages with great audiences.

In year 2012 Naryan will continue recordings. Hopefully everything goes as planned and we could release full lenght album until the end of the year.

Naryan wishes happy new year to everybody.

Taste of acoustic Naryan

We added a new video to our Youtube channel. It's an acoustic version of Truth Inside. Hope you like it and also come see us perform it live. Check out the acoustig dates from our gigs page.

Acoustic gigs

Several acoustic shows will take place during the rest of the year. Check out the dates and be there.

Melancholic September

As stated before, there are two big shows coming up in September. We gathered some great bands together and we'll have very special gigs in Tampere and Helsinki. September 15th Naryan, Rain Diary and Iconcrash will play in YO-talo, Tampere. The very next day Naryan, Rain Diary and Shamrain will play in Bar Loose, Helsinki.

Clicking the posters will take you to the Facebook-events for detailed information.

Naryan has parted with Sauli

Sauli will no longer be seen playing keyboards in Naryan. There was nothing dramatic in any way and all happened within an understanding and friendship. Naryan wishes all the best to Sauli.

Special events

In September we will have two very special shows. One is held in Tampere and another in Helsinki. Dates are set and more info will be out soon.

Date changed

Our gig at Vikkula during Tammerfest has changed. Correct date is friday 15th.

New videos

As you can see, we added the brand new The Place in My Fears -video (Thank you Aarni). In our YouTube-channel you can also find Tears Have No Name -song with some video clips from the single recording sessions.


Single available also from Levykauppa Äx.

Single released!!!

At last our The Place in My Fears -single will be out next week. We'll celebrate the release May 18th 2011 at O'Hara's Freehouse, Tampere. There we'll have a special surprise guest player and a new material. CD's can be bought directly from the band and our manager. The celebration continues at Pub Katse, Jyväskylä 20th May.

We have also new web pages and a new music video. Some new gigs added too.

Feel free to comment our pages, video, single or anything...

Coming soon

We've finished all the recordings. And now it's time to mix. We are a bit behind the schedule, but we want the single to be way better than anything we have recorded so far. So, just a little bit of patience and then the single will be out...

Last weekend we also shooted couple of videos of our acoustic songs 'live'. As soon as we get the video material edited, we'll add them to our youtube channel.

Some news

At first a glimpse to our recording session. This week is dedicated to drum recording and then everything is recorded. After drums, there's some fine tuning with keyboard tracks and then we are ready to mix the songs.

We have added a whole bunch of new gigs to our calendar. There's couple of acoustic gigs at first and then some full rock shows.

Some might know that Sauli is doing his military service at the moment. But don't worry, We will have a substitute keyboard player while Sauli is away. Tytti from Rain Diary has promised to play the gigs during the Spring.

We are also planning something special for you… As said, our single should be out soon and we might have some special guest players at the releasing party gig. But we'll give more info about that later.

Thanks for the year - looking forward to the next one

Naryan wishes merry Christmas and a happy new year to all fans. We are having a little break from gigging but we are not resting...

This year has been really amazing. We made 17 gigs which all had a great audience. We participated to Radio Rock's Rockstarba competition and made it to the semifinals. There's almost 3000 votes given to Naryan. Thanks for supporting us.

Nonetheless, we try to make year 2011 even better. We will release single in the beginning of the year (probably on February or March) and perhaps an full length album later in 2011. We will have new web pages also. And of course we do more gigs and songs for you.

CLUB AID 2010 - Be there

Four days. Four bars. Lots of great bands. A good cause. 9.-16.12.2010

Club aid is a great show with the top names of finnish rock. Stages of Jack the Rooster, Henry's pub, YO-talo and Klubi will be full of artists like Olli Lindholm, Costello Hautamäki, Heikki Salo, Pauli Hanhiniemi, Matthau Mikojan, Pate Mustajärvi, Dave Lindholm, and many others. All the income from the nights goes straight to the TAYS children's clinic (Lastenklinikan tuki ry).

Naryan and eight other bands play at YO-talo 16th december.

More about Club aid from homepage and Facebook.

Come join the parties and participate in helping those in need!

Pre-production started

Naryan has begun recording a single. First two songs that we are recording are Tears Have No Name and The Place In My Fears. Our plan is to publish a single in January or February. When the single is out we continue with several other songs and the first full lenght Naryan album should be out later 2011.


We have added some lyrics here. Very soon there will be most of our songs. You can find the link also from releases page.


Now you can find Naryan also from Twitter

Special show 25.9.2010

At O'Hara's we'll offer you something special. First we will play acoustic set and after a little break we're gonna rock out loud!

Estimated playtimes:
22:30 First set (acoustic)
23:30 Second set


Live videos in YouTube

We have added several videos from Semifinal and Jack the Rooster to our YouTube channel...


Radiorock has chosen 20 best bands to Rockstarba -competitions semifinal. Naryan is of course one of them.

Go vote us at Radiorock's page.

Summer news

From now on, these pages can also be found from address

We have some great video material from our past gigs. Some of the videos will be added to youtube soon...

Couple of our forthcoming gigs (Varjobaari & Pyynikin portti) will be acoustic. So make sure to be there.

And remember, there's still time to vote us in Radiorock's Rockstarba -competition.


Naryan is playing in Viikinsaari today 14.45. Boat from Laukontori costs 10 € and leaves at 14.00.

Several new shows added

Naryan will be gigging around Finland during summer 2010. You are all welcome to see us in Tampere, Helsinki, Lahti and Jyväskylä. Go visit our gigs page for dates.

Naryan is participating in Radiorock Rockstarba -competition

Naryan is taking part to Rockstarba competition with brand new song. Truth Inside is the name of the song and some of you may recognise it from our gigs. Go to the competition site and VOTE US.

New song added in player

The song called Falling Asleep is added in our audio player. The song is taken from The End -mini EP.

New photos added

Some photos from Jack the Rooster added in our media section.

14.1.2010 more details

At Jack the Rooster will also be playing a band called Rain Diary. The band may be familiar because of their lead singer Tommi, who is also a former member of Naryan. More about band from their website


Rain Diary ~ 22.15 Naryan ~ 23.15

Gig is free. Welcome

Next gig 14.1.2010

Due to some several coincidences, Naryan won't play at Epiphany. Instead, the next Naryan gig will be January 14, 2010 at Jack the Rooster.

Also, the line-up is now officially changed, which means that Eve and Sauli will be heard also on the next recordings. Hope that we get in the studio in the beginning of the year 2010.

Lineup updated

Naryan will be gigging with an updated lineup. New bassist Eve Vilpakka and keyboardist Sauli Siljamäki can be seen live with Naryan next time on 18 November 2009 at Music Bar Amadeus, Tampere.

Listen songs

Some photos from Jack the Rooster added in our media section.

Official Naryan homepage opened and new demo released

Naryan has released new demo and new web pages.
The demo has 4 songs, click here to listen some of the new material.

Feel free to post comments about our pages and/or music using our guestbook at the comments-page.