Tommi Niemi - vocals

Lauri Kovero - guitar

Raino Ketola - guitar

Tommi Tanhuanpää - drums

Jarno Forsman - bass

Linda Kuoppala - keyboard

Henriina Marin - violin


Naryan is a Finnish melancholic rock band. The band was established in 2005. The music has elements of melancholy and sentimental moods as well as darker progressive rock and classical music. The most important aspect in Naryan’s music is to deliver moods and feelings. The visual artwork is carefully designed to complete the music. Naryan's music always blends beauty and darkness.

Naryan's third album the Withering was released in December 2020. Previous albums are Naryan (2013) and Black Letters (2016). The Withering album forms an entity with a story that follows through the entire album. The most powerful theme in the album is feelings after the loss of a beloved one and dealing with these feelings. Above all is grief, longing and love. The atmosphere varies between the songs and, towards the end, one finds deep and dark melancholic desire. The album has several visiting artists. There’s everything from strings and horns to singers from the Tampere Opera Choir.

In 2024 Naryan is going stronger than ever. New music has been refined and fine-tuned for an extended period of time to reach the high standards the band is set upon. As the band has set their goals higher than ever before, the future is looking bright for this gloomy crew. March 2024 sees Naryan embark on tour through the Nordic countries with Soen and, in Autumn 2024, the highly anticipated fourth album is due a release.