About Us

Melancholic, bit progressive, slightly symphonic, Naryan’s rock is to wake up strong emotions. It narrates stories of sadness, anger, fear or hope... but anyway it stirs up something from deep within.


Tommi Niemi - vocals
Lauri Kovero - guitar
Raino Ketola - guitar
Tommi Tanhuanpää - drums
Jarno Forsman - bass
Linda Kuoppala - keyboards
Henriina Marin - violin



The World Is Filled With Silence (downloadable)

A Place Where Even Angels Lose Faith (downloadable)

On the press

Naryan's music is lyrical, solemn, sometimes introverted and gloomy, melodic and touching [..] Give it a try and let the feelings and emotions sink in!" - Dprp.com

"A delightful album of beautiful well-considered melodic music which would grace the music collection of any Progressive Rock aficionado or indeed any music lover." - House of prog

"this album is one I suspect will end up high on your list of best albums to be released in 2020." - Progressor



Gig info


Phone: +358440627926 (+358-440-NARYAN)
E-mail: naryan@naryanband.com

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