Raino Ketola - guitar

Tommi Tanhuanpää - drums

Jarno Forsman - bass

Tommi Niemi - vocals

Lauri Kovero - guitar

Linda Kuoppala - keyboard

Early history of Naryan

The story of Naryan began in 2005 when Lauri Kovero and Harri Rantanen joined forces to compose some highly progressive and melancholic, instrumental guitar pieces with resemblance to names like Pink Floyd, King Crimson and Kingston Wall.

Things stayed that way until the summer of 2006, when Harri decided to step aside due to personal reasons. Lauri didn't want Naryan's story to end, and started to look for new members to the band. He contacted Matti Vähätalo, who was a free bassist looking for a band with high artistic ambitions, and after a quick test, Matti was accepted in. Later in the autumn, also Tommi Suomala and multi-instrumentalist Matti Itäranta joined the band (Tommi as a vocalist and Matti in the drums, later changing to do also guitars). In the spring of 2007, the first demo was out, consisting of three songs: strong and heavy Reason of Insanity, mellow and moody Rose and the beautiful piano ballad We Are Born From Cold. Things looked good and feedback was positive, but the band knew that even better things were ahead.

In 2007, Naryan saw some difficulties, when Tommi and Matti I. decided to concentrate in other projects. David Köteleki sat behind the drumset and Harri's brother Henri took the temporary position as the guitarist. Things started rolling forward nicely again, but the lead singer and guitarist were still being looked after, as Henri's position never reached permanent status. In early 2008, however, vocalist Ville Korhonen's voice and talent found its way to fulfill Naryan, and band's permanent got shape again, even with Lauri occupying the guitarist spot on his own.

In summer 2008, the guys of Naryan finally played its first, acclaimed show for a small, selected audience in Ylöjärvi, with a little help from their friends. Later that year, Raino Ketola joined the group and, being a decent match to the formation, quickly confirmed his position in the permanent. Throughout the winter of 2008-2009, Naryan worked hard on new material and produced a "double demo" and some extra songs, evolving their sound to stronger, more organic, more ambitious and even more emotional sceneries.

At the beginning of the year 2009 Matti had a once-in-a-lifetime -chance that a man couldn't refuse and moved to Brazil. So, there was a need to refill the line-up. During the year there was several candidates for a bass and a keyboard players. Some better than the others. Finally multi-instrumentalist Eve Sydänlähde was chosen to replace Matti and Ville's old friend Sauli Siljamäki became a keyboardist in Naryan. With brand new line-up, Naryan made it's first public appearance later that year.

In 2011 Sauli had his military service and Naryan borrowed Tytti Kallioniemi from Rain Diary as a temporary keyboard player. Soon it was clear that Sauli was not coming back and Tytti will stay in band. In spring of the same year Naryan started the long process of making an album. First single was released 18.5.2011 and exactly two years later the album saw the daylight.

And so the release of the first album was celebrated in 2013. In the same year, Dávid and Tytti decided to continue on their other projects. Tytti in Rain Diary and Dávid in Juju. A new drummer and a new keyboardist were found in early 2014. Klas Granqvist and Tuomas Ilomäki joined Naryan. With this line-up Naryan gigged a bit and then began recording again. For this second album - Black Letters - Naryan signed a distribution contract with Inverse Records. Making the second album took almost as long as the first. The album was originally intended to appear in autumn 2015, but eventually the album was released as late as in January 2016.